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65. Syncopated Texture (Textura sincopada)

(1974, fourth printing 2001)

104 drawings with music notation symbols, many of which have been reprinted in magazines and as program covers. Perhaps the best known is the "Celestial Music for Imaginary Trumpets," which ascends 103 ledger lines above the treble clef. Originally published in English only, a fourth printing of the volume is now available, with the titles in English and Spanish. $24

The theory of the logical and mathematical techniques used by the composer: finite and infinite automata. the paper-folding formula, "self-replicating" melodies, etc. A rather detailed discussion, 291 pages, with many new melodies, written to demonstrate the techniques used. $24

An appreciation of the connection between mathematics and music dates back at least to Pythagoras, but rarely does one have a chance to explore that connection in such intimate detail as in these bracing pages. Composer Tom Johnson weaves back and forth between notes and numbers, delighting in patterns that lead up to self-similarity (the basic of fractal geometry). Some familiarity with both sides of the topic is a prerequisite; committed readers will, however, receive a unique aesthetic education.
Scientific American, May 1997

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See review by David Feldman.

An anthology of articles on the evolution of minimal music in New York in 1972-1982, which originally appeared in the Village Voice. Published originally by Apollohuis, in Eindhoven, Holland, and n
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