Compact discs with music by Tom Johnson

Kientzy Playys Johnson CD cover Kientzy plays Johnson (released in 2004)
Daniel Kientzy sax virtuoso plays works by Tom Johnson Pogus 21033-2 CD, $20.00 US

Organ and Silence CD cover Organ and Silence (2000, released in 2003)
A music concerned for, as the author writes in the disc notes, "… the importance of silence in music…". This work is conceived not "for organ" but, really, for "organ and silence", as the silence is a fundamental part of it, and it’s not possible to give it up. It’s an attempt, as the author explain " to permit as much silence as possible, without allowing the music to actually stop".  Recorded in Nerinx, in Kentucky, spring 2001. Wesley Roberts, organ.  Pogus AG05 CD, $20.00 US

Historias para dormir CD cover Historias para dormir (Spanish version of Bedtime Stories, released in 2003)

Chord Catalogue cover Chord Catalogue (1985)
All the 8178 chords possible in one octave performed by the composer in one hour in this CD version just issued by Experimental Intermedia in 1999. XI Records (XI123) 
$20.00 US

An Hour for Piano coverAn hour for piano (1973)

About 60 minutes of piano music in the composer's early minimal style, played by Frederic Rzewski. The music was composed in 1973 and first issued by Lovely Music as an LP. Now newly available in CD format. CD booklet includes Tom Johnson's, "Program Notes to be read while hearing An Hour for Piano," and an essay by Kenneth Goldsmith, "An Hour of Tom Johnson." Lovely Music (LCD1081) $20

Music for 88 CD cover Music for 88 (1988)

Nine pieces for piano, recorded by the composer for Experimental Intermedia with text in English: 88s, Mersenne Numbers, Multiplication Table, Squares, Triangles, Abundant Numbers, Euler's Harmonies, Pascal's Triangle. Eratosthenes Sieve. XI Records (XI106) $20.00 US

Rational Melodies CD cover Rational Melodies (1982)
Any melodic instrument(s) may play these 21 systematic melodies, but this recording of the complete set is by the flutist Eberhard Blum. HatHut (HatArt CD 6133), out of print.

Bonhoeffer-Oratorium CD cover Bonhoeffer-Oratorium (1998)

Complete performance of the two hour work recorded in Berlin on November 18, 1998 with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester and the Ernst Senff Chor under Claus Peter Flor. (Not for sale, but available to libraries) Sound excerpt in MP3 format

Bang on a Can CD cover Bang on a Can Vol. 1

Failing, a very difficult piece for string bass (1975) is one of the composer's most frequently performed works, and now a standard element in the string bass repertoire. Here performed in a nine-minute interpretation by the virtuoso American double bassist Robert Black, along with works of six other composers. CRI CD 628. See Bang on a Can website.