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Rational Melodies, Bedtime Stories (released in 2006)

Cover art by Esther Ferrer
The latest release of Ants Records features clarinetist Roger Heaton playing two well-known pieces by Tom Johnson: Rational Melodies (1982) and Bedtime Stories(1985).
“I want to find the music, not to compose it". This statement, one of Tom Johnson's most effective, explains the general sense of the music of this CD and of most of Tom's musical research. The Rational Melodies are one of the most important instrumental cycles of the "new music" repertoire. Here we have the application of rational methodology to musical composition, using additive operations, combinations, permutations, substitutions, inversions and other logical processes as directed by the ear of a passionate musician. "I am certainly not the first person to work with logical sequences and formulas," says Johnson. But we, the listeners, must thank him for letting us hear clearly (and musically) this rationality.
The Bedtime Stories can be heard as delicate, peculiar musical "nursery rhymes"; it's a little 12-story compendium of sound that takes us on an amazing journey in the world of numbers.