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Tom Johnson: Choir and Organ in Orgelpark (Amsterdam) PDF Print E-mail
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[When: Sunday, November 2nd, 2014, 14:15]

[Where: Orgelpark,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

This forthcoming concert in Orgelpark (Amsterdam) will feature music by Tom Johnson, celebrating his 75th anniversary.

The following information is extracted from the Orgelpark website. 

Het Orgelpark

Tom Johnson: Choir and Organ

The Asko Chamber Choir conducted by Jos Leussink is an advocate for the minimalist (and humorous) music by Tom Johnson.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Johnson, we organize a festive afternoon around the Paris American composer.


Asko Chamber Choir under Jos Leussink

Wiek Hijmans: electric guitar

Samuel Vriezen, Dante Boon, Anna Mikhailova, Keiko Shichijo, Johan Luijmes: organ


- Hidden Melodies No.1 (première)

- Trinity: Three Anthems on Three Notes

- Hidden Melodies No.2 (première)

- Tinkelenberg Rhythms for guitar (première)

- Hidden Melodies No.3 (première)

- Wesley's Challenge

- Hidden Melodies No.4(première)

- Tick Tock Rhythms

- Hidden Melodies No.5 (première)


- Orgelpark Color Chart