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A nice review of Tom Johnson concert at the wulf just appeared in SEQUENZA21, the website of the Contemporary Classic Music Community.

We reproduce it below for your convenience.

Tom Johnson In Los Angeles

Posted by Paul Muller in Composers, Concert review, Contemporary Classical, Los Angeles, Minimalism, Premieres, tags: minimalism, the wulf, Tom Johnson

On Friday, February 22 the week-long 2013 residency of Tom Johnson in Los Angeles was capped off with a concert of his music at the wulf., an experimental performance space deep in the gritty heart of industrial downtown. Featured was the Los Angeles premiere of  ’Clarinet Trio’ and four other works, plus the occasion was also marked by the release of a new CD of Tom’s works titled ‘correct music’ from Populist Records. About 50 people crowded into the reclaimed factory loft to attend the event and what the wulf lacks in amenities was more than compensated by the enthusiasm of the young audience. The concert was free and there was an ice chest full of  Tecate beer – what’s not to like?

Tom Johnson’s time in Los Angeles this past week was spent giving lectures on mathematics and music at Cal Arts, hosting an exhibition of his drawings in the Art Share LA gallery and presiding over concerts of new music. Tom has deep minimalist roots and, according to the concert notes, “works with simple forms and limited sonic materials, utilizing logic and mathematical models in both his music and his drawings.”

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