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Poster The Four Note Opera in JapanIn March 2015, almost 43 years after the first performance in 1972*, Naya Collective is premiering the Japanese version of Tom Johnson’s The Four Note Opera.

This new translation will be presented in Tokyo (March 25th) and Nagoya (March 28th).


Nishimoto Mako (soprano)

Kaga Hitomi (mezzo-soprano)

Fuse Masaya (tenor)

Ohyama Daisuke (baritone)

Fumihiko Shimura (bass, special appearance)

Piano: Akiko Fujita

The production has its own website with a lot of information, or you can visit its Facebook page to read the latest news.The cast of The Four Note Opera in Japan

*In 2004, Tom Johnson wrote The Four Note Opera: 32 years later, that you might find interesting.