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Music And Questions (1988) PDF Print E-mail
Catalogue - Music with text

There are 120 permutations of five notes to play with bells or glockenspiel, and a question to be asked after each one. The text is given in English, French and German, and the piece lasts 25 minutes. 10€.

CD recording available:

Music and Questions was originally broadcast on ABC Radio programme “The Listening Room” and it was included in the Gamma / The Listening Room CD with three other pieces. Published by ABC Classics — 1994 [4797602] — 1 CD (74 min.), out of print.


Eggs And Baskets (1987) PDF Print E-mail
Catalogue - Music with text

One explains how many ways there are of putting six eggs into two baskets, with the help of a narrator and two unspecified instrumentalists, who play the permutations as melodies. Also published in French as Les Oeufs et les paniers, and in German as Eier und Körbe, 12 min, 8€.

CD Recording available: Tom Johnson - correct music (2012) 


Piano Problems (1986) PDF Print E-mail
Catalogue - Music with text

“A young pianist can play a particular exercise 216 times in a single practice session of 45 minutes. How many times can he play the exercise in one minute?”

This and 13 other “piano problems,” originally presented as a radio piece with producer Kaye Mortley, may also be resolved by pianist and narrator in concert hall in 28 minutes. 15€.

Bedtime Stories (1985)  PDF Print E-mail
Catalogue - Music with text

Twelve pieces for clarinet and narrator, or clarinetist/narrator. Also available in French as Histoires à dormir debout, and in German as Gutenachtgeschichten. 14€.

 [Español-Spanish] Disponible en CD en versión española Historias para dormir 

Talking (1985) PDF Print E-mail
Catalogue - Music with text

A dialogue between two speakers, A and B, who talk mostly about talking, with regular interludes of harpsichord music. Originally a radio piece, but also possible in concert. 30 minutes, 15€.

Self-Portrait (1983) PDF Print E-mail
Catalogue - Music with text

Eight notes are written on eight cardboard boxes. The “box mover” places the boxes in different positions while two to 10 unspecified instrumentalists play what they see. 20 minutes, 8€.

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