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Radio pieces
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Catalogue - Radio pieces

Since 1985, Johnson has written many radio pieces for René Farabet (Radio France), for Kaye Mortley (Australian Broadcasting Company), for Klaus Schöning (WDR) and for Radio Nacional de España (RNE). Some of these have been prepared as scores and can be found in the category "Music with Text," but others exist only as recordings, which are the property of the producing radio stations. We list the titles here as historical documentation:

Signale [1984-1985].

Le Napperon [1984].

Talking [1985].

Fishing [1985].

Chord Catalogue [1986]. Available as a free score.

Bedtime Stories [1986]. Available as score.

Piano Problems [1987]. Available as score.

Paddling (Paddeln) [1987].

Music for 88 [1988]. Available as score.

Music and Questions [1989]. Available as score.

Chord with five notes (Musique avec des auditeurs, Música con oyentes) [1991].

La Mélodie (La Melodía) [1993]. Available as score.

Cling Clang [1993].

J'Entends un choeur [1993]. Choral part available as score.

Duets for Bassoon and Talking Machine [1994].

Triangle de Pascal modulo sept [1995].

Die Melodie Maschinen (Les Machines mélodiques) [1996].

Mesurer [1997].

La Roue [1999].

Same or different [2004]