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360 Chords (2005) PDF Print E-mail
Catalogue - Orchestra

360 Chords for orchestra (3333, 4331, 4, str.)

Seven-note chords, sometimes tonal. sometimes atonal. are constructed logically with the same six intervals in different orders. The orchestration changes slightly every 12 chords and it takes 20 minutes for the large orchestra to arrive at chord 360. Premiered in the Musica Viva series by the Bayerischer Rundfunk Orchester in Munich, July 2008.

Score 15€, parts on rental.

Loops for orchestra (1999) PDF Print E-mail
Catalogue - Orchestra

Self-replicating loops turn for 17 minutes in this orchestra piece, premiered at the Steirischer Herbst in Graz, Austria, in September 1999. 2222, 2221, 2 perc. str. Score € (Euros) 20, parts on rental.

Dragons In A (1979) PDF Print E-mail
Catalogue - Orchestra

Five movements for orchestra, each following the dragon formula, also known as the "paper-folding formula." 18 minutes, orchestra material on rental. Score € (Euros) 20