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Tiling in My music (2008) PDF Print E-mail
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Tiling in My music

by Tom Johnson

Abstract: Rhythmic canons and other one-dimensional tiling techniques dominated my composing for two or three years, and a number of instrumental pieces, both solo and ensemble, evolved during this time. With numerous examples, I have put together a little survey of different ways in which I have done this, often leaving holes and using other procedures not normally considered correct.

Download it here: Tiling in My music 
Download a German version here: Pflaster in meiner Musik 


January 2015 broadcasts [French, German] PDF Print E-mail
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January 2015 broadcasts
with Tom Johnson and his music

In French/En français:

January 3 at 16:00, France Musique, « Le Cri du patchwork »

« Pour démarrer cette nouvelle année, nous aborderons tout le mois de janvier le thème des Sciences dans les musiques de création. » 

Sciences (1/4) : Comptez !

A program of Clément Lebrun, interview with excerpts of six pieces.

Podcast later at



In German/Auf Deutsch:

January 24 at 22:05, Deutschlandfunk, Atelier Neuer Musik


Der weite Horizont eines Minimalisten

Tom Johnson ist ein Komponist, der eher mathematischen Reihen oder Modellen vertraut als Eingebungen eines individuellen Ausdrucksbedürfnisses. Viele seiner Stücke basieren auf wenigen Grundbausteinen.Johnson studierte zunächst an der Yale University in New Haven, Conneticut, und später bei Elliot Carter und Morton Feldman. Der Minimalismus seiner Werke scheint nicht kühl, in etlichen Stücken ist sein Sinn für Humor zu spüren, andere Werke wirken ob ihrer Vorhersehbarkeit meditativ. Eine Ausnahmestellung in seinem Werk nimmt Johnsons Vertonung von Texten des 1945 von den Nationalsozialisten ermordeten Theologen Dietrich Bonhoeffer ein.Am 18. November 2014 wurde Tom Johnson 75 Jahre alt. In Michael Franks Porträt äußert sich Johnson u.a. über musikalische Initiationserlebnisse, zur Entstehungsgeschichte des musikalischen Minimalismus sowie über das Prinzip der Nicht-Intentionalität seit John Cage und Morton Feldman.

The broadcast, prepared by Michael Frank, can be heard via internet



Tom Johnson: Choir and Organ in Orgelpark (Amsterdam) PDF Print E-mail
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[When: Sunday, November 2nd, 2014, 14:15]

[Where: Orgelpark,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

This forthcoming concert in Orgelpark (Amsterdam) will feature music by Tom Johnson, celebrating his 75th anniversary.

The following information is extracted from the Orgelpark website. 

Het Orgelpark

Tom Johnson: Choir and Organ

The Asko Chamber Choir conducted by Jos Leussink is an advocate for the minimalist (and humorous) music by Tom Johnson.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Johnson, we organize a festive afternoon around the Paris American composer.


Asko Chamber Choir under Jos Leussink

Wiek Hijmans: electric guitar

Samuel Vriezen, Dante Boon, Anna Mikhailova, Keiko Shichijo, Johan Luijmes: organ


- Hidden Melodies No.1 (première)

- Trinity: Three Anthems on Three Notes

- Hidden Melodies No.2 (première)

- Tinkelenberg Rhythms for guitar (première)

- Hidden Melodies No.3 (première)

- Wesley's Challenge

- Hidden Melodies No.4(première)

- Tick Tock Rhythms

- Hidden Melodies No.5 (première)


- Orgelpark Color Chart

More articles and lectures PDF Print E-mail
Text - Articles and lectures

Articles and lectures written by Tom Johnson

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Music and Combinations (English)

Music Metaphysics (English)

Musical Questions for Mathematicians (English) 

On form (English) 

Über form (Deutsch)

Perfect Rhythmic Tilings (English)

Definición de minimalismo (Español)

Self-Replicating Loops (English)

Three Feldman Articles by Tom Johnson (English)

Tiling the line in theory (English)

Une soirée d’accidents (French)

Tilework for Flute [free audio download] PDF Print E-mail
Music - Compact discs

Nothing I can say here will clarify the tilework idea more vividly than this piece, where one hears how four simple tiles can criss-cross in so many ways. Michael Schmid is the flutist with Ensemble Ictus in Brussels, and he developed his impressive almost memorized performance of Tilework for Flute in a series of Ictus concerts. It seemed like a fine idea to include a good recording of this piece, with me reading the texts, so when Schmid came to Paris in November 2008, we made a date with Daniel Deshays in Châtillon to make this studio recording.

Tom Johnson, Paris September 2010  

Listen to Tilework for Flute, played by Michael Schmid  

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download Tilework for flute  
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