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populist records, a small Los Angeles based record label, just released Tom Johnson - correct music, a CD that includes no less than four premiere recordings: Eggs and Baskets, Tilework for Violin, Tilework for Viola, and Squares: didactic music for a solo instrument. 

Andrew Nathaniel McIntosh plays the violin and viola in all these pieces and also in the Rational Melodies collection, with guests Douglas Wadle (narration) and Brian Walsh (clarinet). Liner notes written by Samuel Vriezen, who has been writing about and performing Tom Jonhsonn’s music for many years.

“Andrew Macintosh's recording of the Rational Melodies is more virtuosic than the previous three, and he is the first to record Tilework for Violin, Tilework for Viola, Eggs and Baskets and Squares. If this CD of correct music is indeed ‘correct,’ this is not only because it is written with precise algorithms, but also because it is performed so carefully.” (Tom Johnson, August 2012.)